Chilling–Altered Evidence in Impeachment Trial

As the impeachment trial of Donald Trump continues, evidence exposes multiple lies. These lies travel around the world at lightening speed, gaslighting people. Reality cuts through the chaos and suggests that House Managers manipulated evidence to build their case.

Jennifer Lynn Lawrence calls out Swalwell for the false and misleading information of her own tweet. Check out her tweets below and notice that she does not have a verified account, but in the trial evidence, you can clearly see a blue check mark. 

The video below explains the these altered tweets in detail as well as other misleading allegations by House Managers.

Why this matters for you

If lies and set ups don’t bother you, if altered evidence at a trial doesn’t motivate you, then this should–if they will do this to the most powerful man on earth, what do you think they will do to you?

Bullies don’t start by picking a fight with the quarterback. They start with the vulnerable kids for whom no one is looking out.

Justice is, and has been, trampled in our country. Children, women, and men of every race have been denied due process for years. The fact that they are doing this to Trump in broad daylight should scare the daylights out of you, regardless of how you feel about Trump.

It’s past time for Americans to put politics aside and unite in the fight for our Constitution and freedoms before they are completely gone.