Obstructed Poll Watchers

One of the ways we keep our elections free and fair is through poll watchers. Voting precincts are supposed to have poll watchers from more than one political party–usually one from each of the major political parties (Democrat and Republican). Poll watchers do just what their name suggests–they watch everything that goes on where people vote and ballots are processed.

Poll watchers are supposed to be allowed free and open access at all times to anywhere there are ballots, voting systems, and voting taking place. Obstructing their access in any way is illegal.

Obviously, the reason for bipartisan observation is to keep the election process honest. Both major sides keep an eye to make sure things are done correctly.

One of the very disturbing aspects of election fraud allegations we have from the 2020 General Election is the obstruction of Republican Poll Watchers.

Multiple Poll Watchers assert that they were obstructed from areas where ballots and/or voting was taking place in the following ways:

  1. Poll Watchers were made to stand at unreasonable distances from areas to which they should have access. In some cases, they had to use binoculars to try to see what was going on.
  2. Poll Watchers were psychically removed from voting/ballot processing areas.
  3. Windows were covered to prevent Poll Watchers from seeing in the windows.
Most of the reports of obstructed poll watchers come from MI and PA, although similar experiences may have occurred in other states. The obvious question is, what were they trying to hide?