Mathematical Impossibilities

Few things are reliable in this world. But one thing that should always match is numbers. 2+2 will always equal 4. If someone tells you 2+2 equals 5, you immediately know the person is wrong.

Statisticians, Accountants, Stock Brokers, and businesses of all sorts use number to create, profit, and predict outcomes. Sometimes we have concrete numbers and can create concrete totals. Other times, we have general numbers which we use in calculations for general totals. The one thing we always know–numbers don’t lie.

One of the easiest ways to visualize this is the difference in numbers between Trump rallies and Biden events. Trump rallies were packed by thousands and thousands of people. Biden events often had more Trump supporters show up in protest than they had in Biden supporters. The media may lie about what happened at those events, they may lie about the poll numbers, but any American who saw the rallies, the boat parades, and the MAGA drags saw the numbers for themselves. They know the support for President Trump was massive while the showing for Biden lethargic and tiny. The numbers don’t lie–President Trump had enthusiasm like no other candidate in history.

The number issues go far deeper. Simply put, the numbers don’t match. Here are a few of the problems identified with the numbers:

  1. More votes than registered voters in some areas.
  2. Massive ballot dumps (100k) exclusively for Biden
  3. Many ballots with only a Presidential candidate filled in (primarily Biden and very unusual)