We are everyday middle-class American Citizens who deeply love our country.

We aren’t politicians or lobbyists. We all have (in some cases ‘had’) normal jobs. We work long hours. We fight the same government overreach and intrusion into our personal lives that you do. We, along with many others, have been willing to put up with the “system” rather than challenge it.

But increasingly, we noticed something very ‘off’ with our Country. We saw the Constitution become distant–almost unrecognizable in our society, in spite of it being the foundation of our legal system. This alarming threat to our freedom spurred us to action.

Honestly, it would have been easier to look the other way. But we can’t. Too much is at stake. Our futures, and that of our children, hang in the balance.

Please be patient with us as we expand this project. If you can, help us with a donation. This has been a very expensive endeavor, and almost entirely self-funded so far. Your partnership would ease our load and be so appreciated.