Why This Site?

"It is easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled."

What if you have been lied to? How would you know? Do you think the liars would tell you they are lying? Facts Matter. The choice to know the truth is yours to make. Our mission is to compile and provide the public with the facts in one convenient spot, and do our best to explain them in a way everyone can understand. Read for yourself. Discover the truth and the stories behind it! What you believe, matters.

My candidate was declared the winner. Why should I be concerned how that happened?

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our free Republic. If we lose the right to choose our elected officials, we have lost our self-governed society. Your candidate may have won this time, but what happens if next time your vote is stolen and your candidate is not elected, even though he or she won actually won?

Since the election, there seems to be four categories of people:

  1. People that voted for President Trump.
  2. People that voted for former VP Biden and are happy the way things are going.
  3. People that voted for former VP Biden and are hoping he isn’t ultimately inaugurated as more information has come out, and finally.
  4. People who didn’t vote.

Regardless into which of these categories you fall, this site is for you.

Was there actually cheating?

Yes. How do we know?

Hundreds of people have sworn affidavits (under penalty of perjury) that the election was rigged in multiple ways. If there was no cheating, why aren’t we being allowed to see the evidence? Our elected officials have the duty to investigate this thoroughly. But, with the exception of a rare few, they are not. Overwhelmingly, Republican and Democrat officials don’t seem to want us to see what actually happened.

If there was no fraud or cheating, why hide?

Aren't these just Conspiracy Theories?

Anything can be labeled a conspiracy theory. The term “conspiracy theory” is just a term. Facts are what matter.

As mentioned above, we are being denied a lot of critical evidence. But that does not leave us empty-handed. In addition to eye witness testimony, we have so much evidence that calls the November 3rd projected election results into question. This site is loaded with that evidence. Read it. Then ask for yourself, What is going on?!

If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding? It’s time for Americans to put party aside and unite together to demand the rights and freedoms upon which our Republic was founded.