Who Really Incites Violence?

In an earlier article we addressed whether impeaching Donald Trump is Constitutional. While that article focused on the language of the Constitution and explained why a private citizen cannot be impeached, this article will focus on the accusations that President Trump incited violence.

First of all, listen to Jim Jordan summarize what happened and the Constitutional applications.

Jordan rightly summed up the President’s call for Patriots to insist on a free and fair election. While Trump used the word “fight” he did not use it in the psychical sense. Instead, he said to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

It is difficult to find President Trump’s speech due to big tech scrubbing it from their sites. However, you can listen to President Trumps January 6th Speech in it’s entirety here.

After you listen to it, consider the numerous calls for violence from Democrats in the videos below.

Isn’t it transparently hypocritical for Democrats to falsely accuse President Trump of inciting violence when they themselves have actually outright called for it?

This becomes even more serious considering that violence was attempted and/or carried out on numerous occasions. Here are a few examples:

Senator Rand Paul and his wife had to be rescued from an angry mob.

Brandon Straka and Mike Harlow were insulted with homophobic slurs and then physically assaulted by BLM activists.

Black Lives Matter extremists hijacked the #WalkAway team, through the streets while reportedly throwing bottles at him and threatening to kill him.

In November, 2020, Trump supporters were attacked in DC at a rally.

In October Fox News ran an article listing multiple attacks on Trump supporters.

Frankly, the list could go on and on. Trump supporters have been beaten, mocked, and assaulted across the country. Given the rhetoric of the Democrat party leaders, is there any wonder?