The Troops Are there by Tens of Thousands–But there is a Party in DC

Washington DC has been  on increased lock-down for days. In the news, and on social media, we see the our military everywhere. Fences and borders are being erected (apparently walls are no longer racist, and law enforcement celebrated!).

The nation is a-buzz with questions about what is going on and why DC is being locked up like a prison. Theories abound, but the most honest answer is we don’t know.

But one thing we do know–inside of the chaos, there was a party going on! An insider provided GAR with this video taken yesterday.

There was an air of celebration as the Black Lives Matter mural was being repainted. Music played and resources dedicated to this ‘important’ task.

Along the protected North side of the White House, a fence had been erected and covered with with political messaging which seemed severely out of place. This area is reserved for credentialed-only individuals. Who cluttered the fence and how did they get in?

The weirdness going on is bad enough. The degradation of our Capital–once the pride of our nation, is heartbreaking. Will we ever regain what we had?

Perhaps not. Maybe we need to make it even better than what we had before.

Pray for our Country.