Editorial–The Gift of President Trump

by gar-hl

It’s January 16, 2021 and nothing is as it should be. Every honest soul, taking even a bit of time to examine the evidence, knows President Trump won the November 3rd election in a landslide. Yet, the nation has watched in disbelief as the media, politicians, and courts try to gaslight us into believing a lie. They are trying to steal our votes.

Some people gave up on President Trump serving his second term weeks ago. Others–with only days until the inauguration–still cling to hope that, by a miracle, President Trump will be our President for four more years. “Hopium” is what they call it.

I get it. All of it. But I think there is something significant that people need to realize–something that is bigger than what happens next Wednesday. It is the Gift of President Trump. Take five minutes and watch this video.

It only took President Trump four years to

  • Expose the lying media
  • Expose that the media is our enemy
  • Expose that politicians on both sides of the isle are corrupt
  • Expose that our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies are infiltrated and target us
  • Expose the double standard in our legal system
  • Expose that politicians almost never keep their promises
  • Expose that they want us divided
  • Expose how they weigh us with taxes and then waste our hard-earned money

But the Gift of President Trump wasn’t just exposure. It was uniting us and teaching us

  • United we are unstoppable
  • We have far more in common with each other than we have differences
  • Our government answers to us
  • We can demand change
  • For every one of them, there are a thousand of us
  • The American dream is worth fighting for
  • Never, ever, give up
  • When a corrupt system tells you you are wrong, you keep fighting

The Make American Great Again movement was never just about President Trump. It was, and is, about US–American Patriots. President Trump is the torch that lit kindle. The flame lept into a blaze and spread across the nation. It united people. It peeled back the haze from our eyes. It got people off their couches and on their feet. It taught Patriots to be Patriots–and then how to fight.

The Gift of Trump is two sided–1) it awakened us to the urgency of our time, and 2) it united us in the fight. These bells have rung and it’s too late to go back.

No one man can save us–only God has that power. But one man has, does, and will inspire us and teach us to fight for our freedom. Together, we can save our Country from the abyss on which we teeter.

President Trump is our leader and we are just getting started.