EDITORIAL: Stacey Abrams Breaks Readers’ Hearts, Politicizes Romance Fiction

Georgia Democrat and author Stacey Abrams, still licking her wounds after her loss to Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial race, is now leveraging her political prowess to influence the multibillion-dollar Romance industry, helping to raise funds via the mega, left-wing fundraising machine actblue to support the Georgia Senate runoffs, set to take place on January 5, 2021.

Launching today, November 18, and running through November 24, the online auction Romancing the Runoff, created by romance authors “who care about the future of this country and are inspired by fellow romance author Stacey Abrams,” features more than 175 items with a romance theme, ranging from $15 signed copies of best-selling novels by big-name authors, such as Courtney Milan and Sarah MacLean, to $100 embroideries that read, “F*ck the GOP.” Real classy, Ladies. Visitors to the site also have the option of donating directly to Democratic campaigns, such as Fair Fight, the New Georgia Project, and Black Votes Matters.

For fans of Romance fiction, a genre unique for its promise of the novel’s protagonists achieving a happily ever after (HEA) by story’s end, this is a polarizing move by Abrams and popular authors who are sure to have legions of fans on both sides of the aisle. This project should result in a loss of a conservative readership, and potentially deal a massive blow to an already broken industry, which for two years has bowed to the leftist mob and consequently is now beholden to its rule. In 2019, a scandal on Twitter involving one author accusing another of racism, ultimately upended the organization Romance Writers of America, which, in 2020, as a form of reparations, covered the registration costs only of black authors and attendees to its annual writers’ conference.

In the world of fiction, romance readers are among the most devoted, but ardent fans may now be asking themselves, where’s the love in this latest, albeit creative, attempt by the left to demonize those who just aren’t in love with their values or those of the CCP? Where is the HEA for ALL, Ms. MacLean? Reaffirming the notion that the left truly does destroys everything it touches, Romancing the Runoffs presents as yet another example of the double standards intrinsic to the Democratic Party: HEA for Me, not for Thee.

Ultimately, the message that Abrams and other authors here are sending to millions of readers with conservative values, the majority of whom are likely to love God, country, sex, and great storytelling, is think twice before buying a book by those participating in this project, including genre stalwarts like Milan and MacLean. Remember our choices as consumers matter, and when an author disrespects her readership by siding with a political party intent on destroying the core American values those readers cherish, well, as the 1980s punk band the Violent Femmes once sang, “the love is gone baby, the love is gone away.”