We Are on to Georgia! Join Us in Atlanta, GA, on Saturday, Nov. 21

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. As election chaos ramps up, freedom-loving Americans from across the country are coming out loud and proud, making their voices heard, gathering at state Capitols and election centers demanding state legislators conduct full audits of all legal votes to ensure the 2020 election was not stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

The 70-plus million Americans who voted for the president have good reason to be concerned about the fraudulent nature of this election. For starters, on the evening of Election Day, November 3, beginning around 10:30pm, the counting of votes suddenly stopped in key counties in battleground states of MI, WI, PA, and GA. Unbelievably, Americans awoke the next morning to discover the president’s significant lead of the night before had dwindled dramatically. In some cases, he was up by mere triple digits, as thousands of mysterious new votes poured in in favor of the uninspiring former vice president Joe Biden.

Since then, scores of sworn affidavits alleging voting fraud have been submitted by citizens in dozens of counties throughout WI, MI, PA, NV, AZ, and GA. According to a new Reuters poll, half of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was fixed against President Trump. This growing distrust in the U.S. election process is prompting a wide-scale, national response. From California to New York, small- and large-town Trump rallies, most of them unreported by the activist media, are emerging in both support of the president and also as a message to lawmakers that We the People are watching and will not be deterred in getting answers to how a candidate with virtually no support garnered more votes than the POTUS.

Fanning the flames are the Georgia special election runoff races for two seats in the U.S. Senate. In less than 60 days, on January 5, 2021, voters will return to the polls to cast their votes for two senators who will represent the Peach State in Congress, tipping the Senate majority either Republican or Democrat. The runoff race occurs when the general election sees no candidate from either side of the aisle receive 50 percent of the vote. Competing for the coveted congressional seats are incumbent Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who will face Democrat challengers Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in a battle for control of the upper chamber, currently held by the Republicans, that could determine the fate of the future of the Republic forever.

Patriots, it is time to stand up, to be brave, to be courageous, and #fightback. Join us in Atlanta, GA, this Saturday, November 21, on the steps of the Capitol Building at High Noon for a massive “Stop the Steal” rally. Thousands are anticipated to assemble peacefully for the purpose of making our voices heard, demanding that state legislators certify only LEGAL votes and that a FULL AUDIT precede the certification process to ensure the honest election all Americans deserve. Also, we will be letting lawmakers know that if they certify votes without a full audit, they will NOT BE REELECTED.

What we do today and over the next few weeks will decide whether America remains a free Republic of states or whether the country slides into socialist rule. Draw strength from and remember the famous words of British statesman and orator Winston Churchill, who in the wake of devastating defeats that made it seem as if the German Nazi Party was winning the war, roused the fighting spirit of thousands of Brits and an ally across the pond in June 1940, and declared: “We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air… whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Don’t give up, don’t give in, strive for goodness, and stay frosty (thank you, Dr. Sebastian Gorka).