Owens: $40 Million Going to Evil People, Government is Complicit

“We have people in DC that could care less when they see a three and a five year old girls dropped from a 14 [foot] high wall, when they see [a] 9 year old young boy–abandoned.

I heard of a story last night…young girl–trauma, could not speak anymore because she was gang-raped.

These are the stories we are not being told and we have a complicit media who refuses to talk about this journey, this magnet of these young girls and boys–many will not make it, many will never talk to their parents again…because we have and an administration that do not look at these young¬† people as people but as a strategy…It breaks my heart, it really does, to see what I saw yesterday.”

“What we are seeing is human trafficking. We used to call it slavery–when people use other people’s dreams and bodies for their profit…40 million dollars to cash to evil people, and we’re complicit. It’s nothing worse than slavery we got rid of 200 years ago. So let’s not fool ourselves. People are dying, there is misery. If we sit back and think there is nothing to it we are just as bad as what we now say was ‘terrible’ 2oo years ago.”