It Starts at Home–How We Win (part 1)

by gar-hl

Last week we posted the editorial When Hope Sabotages the Win. If you haven’t read it, please start there. In response to that post someone asked, “What do we do?” It’s a great question. A lot of people are asking that very thing. In response, we decided to do a short series answering that question.

First of all, you need to know that the leaders of the MAGA movement are not going away. Shortly after January 20th I received some messages thanking me for my leadership. While not expressly stated, the implication was this movement is over.

It’s not. Far from it.

I’m not going away. We aren’t going away. The movement is not going away. We are just getting started. You are not alone–millions of others think and believe similar to you.

What can YOU do? Whether you were active in the MAGA movement before or not, we need you now. We are at a place where all hands are needed on deck. You can be involved in a variety of ways. We are going to start with very simple–but extremely important–contributions you can make to taking back our country. These are things everyone can and should do.

These things may seem trite but they are not. They are foundational to taking our Country back. For now, focus here.

  1. Take care of yourself–physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Practice/learn discipline. Get in shape. Get healthy. Win at life. When it doesn’t feel like we are winning as a nation, winning personally is even more important.
  2. Nurture your family. The nuclear family is essential to a stable society. Kids need their mom and dad–together and happy. Prioritize this. If you can’t have the ideal setting, be there for your children. Make them safe with you. Teach them to recognize truth and lies. Teach them about our country. Get involved in their school actives. Know what they are learning.
    Spend time with your family playing games, enjoying nature, learning about agriculture. These are investments that will last a lifetime.
  3. Create community. We are stronger together. Get to know your neighbors, especially those that share your values. Coordinate survival plans, should you ever need them. Spend time with them, your church, your friends. This networking is extremely important. COVID isolated people. Isolation is damaging to mental health and weakens resolve. You need a community.
  4. Become as independent as possible. If you live in the city, move to the country if you can. Learn to grow food and tend animals. Create a independence plan.
    If getting out of the city is not an option, set yourself up for independence as much as possible. Just last week in Texas we saw how dependent we are on vulnerable systems for survival.
  5. Support local and Patriot businesses. Avoid corporations as much as possible. We need to stop feeding the machine. Live simply.

It’s time to get back to the things that made our Country great in the beginning. The simple things are often the most important. Do not underestimate the value and power of inner strength, faith, and relationships. We are going to need all of these in the coming days.

We can win, but we must use different methods than we have been. Start by building this strong foundation.

President Trump started the MAGA movement. He lit a flame that has become a torch. It is our job to take the torch and carry forward. We can and will. Our children’s future depend upon it.