When Hope Sabotages the Win

by gar-hl

He woke me with his cough again.  My pup–and best friend for 11 years–had been diagnosed with heart disease nine months before. It was time for his check up, but life was happening fast and furious. I was busy…and ignored it.

At some point, reality shattered my denial. I didn’t want to take him to the vet because I didn’t want to face the truth. I knew in my gut his heart was worse. My avoidance did nothing for his health–but it could have jeopardized it. 

Facing reality is essential to a successful life. Yes, there are times we need to look away–but look away too long and you will lose what you value instead of saving it.

For many of us, President Trump’s four years in office were the best in a long time–maybe ever. We loved every minute. We believed in him. Some believed in “The Plan.”

An eternal skeptic, I followed news carefully. Eventually, I decided to choose to believe that President Trump would be re-elected, successfully drain the swamp, and hand our Republic back to us in peace.

I do not regret that choice. It didn’t keep me from fighting tooth and nail to re-elect President Trump and save our Republic. I don’t think “trusting the plan” was a bad thing. It triggered wide-spread research and opened eyes. That was good. And needed.

The danger comes now.

Choosing hope and working hard are good strategies–until reality shatters that hope. Holding to hope while dismissing reality is dangerous. Facing reality with courage is the only way to return to realized hope.

MAGA is reeling right now. We have been dealt a blow. Some struggle with depression. Others hold irrationally to hope. I’m concerned that hope is becoming dangerous.

As we discussed this the other day, a team member made this astute observation:

The longer they keep from grasping it [that President Trump is not President], the less effective our movement is going to be to take the country back. People have to get over it. People have to realize what it means and that should motivate them. The election was stolen. We have a criminal in office. He’s literally the head of a crime syndicate and he was fraudulently elected the president of the United States. And almost everybody sat by and did nothing. Everyone who did needs to go. Either they’re complicit, naive, or just plain ignorant.

These are stinging words. They rip off the band aid and expose the wound. But its time to call the vet. You can’t fix what you won’t admit is broken.

I maintain hope that we will see unexpected wins. Maybe the plan does comes through for us. But if not? We have work to do. If we do the work, and it does, we have lost nothing. If we don’t and we aren’t rescued by a Trump card–we lose everything.

Call the vet. Hope for the best, but fight, using the reality we have

We can still win. It won’t be easy, but we can do it.

(Future posts will discuss what and how you can win.)