Warning!–Do Not Take the Bait

Reports of coordinated protests at State Capitols have been circulating. Posters have been popping up across social media–some calling for armed assembling and marches.


Here are a few that have been circulating

While we do not know who is planning these events or their motivation, Patriots have made it clear that THEY ARE NOT. MAGA Drag The Interstate, a national movement that has organized numerous events, has told their groups to stay home. They have made it clear that no one should be attending these protests in their name.

President Trump has repeatedly called for peace and made it clear he wants no violence.

The Gateway Pundit has also sounded a warning in their article WARNING: DO NOT ATTEND Armed Protests at State Capitals Before Inauguration!–POSSIBLE SINISTER PLOT HATCHED BY RADICAL LEFT TO TAKE AWAY GUN RIGHTS! The article says, “WARNING! There are several armed protests at state capitols across the country before inaugural ceremonies next week. WE ARE URGING YOU NOT TO ATTEND! WE BELIEVE THIS IS LIKELY A SINISTER ATTEMPT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS!”

Information warfare is at a all-time high. Please check your Patriot networks before you attend any events to make sure you are not being set up.

We urge Americans to heed the pleas of President Trump to be peaceful and not violent in the midst of these excruciating times .