Violence At the Capital–What Really Happened?

January 6, 2021.
Today both bodies of Congress assembled to address the Electoral College votes from the November 3, 2020 election.

Because of the myriad of fraud allegations, the November 3rd election has been hotly contested with many calling for transparency and audits, but have been met with refusal to even allow the allegations to be investigated.

President Trump called his supporters to come to Washington DC on January 6th for a rally. He addressed the enormous crowd around 12:50 pm. Tens of thousands spilled out of the Eclipse for this address. The mood was upbeat the crowd was lively with their support. Flags waved and people chanted support for the President and against election fraud.  (Video below courtesy of @Ace64, Twitter.)

Around 1:15 pm President Trump began to walk with the crowd to the Capital Building. The mood remained similar amongst the crowd during the walk. At some point, news reached the crowd that Mike Pence would likely move to certify what is widely believed to be a fraudulent election.

Soon after this news broke the mood in the crowd shifted. The outer barriers of the Capital were breached, and the Capital Building was invaded.

Exactly what happened, and who did what, is still confusing. Members of GAR have talked to multiple eye witnesses and extensively reviewed testimony and video. Still, it is hard to know exactly what went down.

Repeatedly, we were told the Rally participants were peaceful, although some did breach barriers and enter the Capital Building. One witness saw Rally Patriots trying to stop a man with a hammer breaking windows.  There were no reports of violence from rally participants, only the cool determination to stop the blatant theft of our elections and freedoms. Some rally participants entered the Capital Building claiming it to be the People’s House.

Besides these facts, which were shared with GAR members by multiple witness, the story gets more complicated–and honestly, somewhat bizarre.

First of all, The Washington Times reports Facial Recognition Firm Claims Antifa Infiltrated Trump Protestors Who Stormed Capitol.

People took to twitter to share information and upload pictures and videos.

Adding to the suspicion that Antifa infiltrated the rally are advertisements in the past for Antifa to do just that–infiltrate post election event(s), dressing like Trump supporters.

Some Trump Supporter’s didn’t like Antifa getting credit for what  they felt was their own show of strength. One commented on a friend, “Her group were not Antifa and they are the ones who broke the barriers. The capitol is big- I’m not saying Antifa is not possible but she is not happy Anitifa is getting the credit. It was Patriots,” she said. “We are fighting back.”

Whoever it was that initially breached the barrier and entered the Capital Building, the events around the breach are also puzzling.  In one picture it appears that people were being helped over the wall.

Equally odd is the way the police almost seemed to stand down, or in some cases, lead people in and then let them out. Check out the videos below.

The majority of the crowd stayed outside, peacefully demonstrating and demanding our Elected Officials do the right thing.

In a tragic escalation, Capital Police shot a Trump Supporter, according to The NY Post’s, Ashli Babbit, Protestor Killed at Capital, Was Air Force Vet From California. Babbit later died. It is unclear why police shot Babbit as witnesses says she was not violent or threatening. One witness was caught on video saying he saw Babbit shot “in cold blood.”

The media pounced on the events of the afternoon and made the protestors out to be dangerous and spurred on by President Trump. However, President Trump tweeted asking people to be peaceful and go home, a tweet which Twitter removed within hours.

The hypocrisy of the views of many are easily summed up in this side by side comparison which Jack Prosebic tweeted: