Propaganda–How Are the Facts Reported?

The goal of propaganda is to get people to think and feel what the propagandist want them to think or feel. Much of our media today is heavy propaganda.

Below are two videos. Consider the mainstream narrative and then watch the facts and decide what is true for yourself.

COVID-19 Deaths
For a full year now, we have been bombarded daily with the death tolls from COVID. The numbers have increased to half a million, with the media keeping people in a constant state of anxiety.

But have those numbers been accurate? Listen to this report:

COVID-19 Vaccine
When it comes to the COVID vaccine, however, the focus seems different. Death claims are getting very little attention, let alone other side effects. But what is the truth? This video shows how to do a little homework for yourself.

Try it yourself
Marvin Hagler tragically passed away yesterday. If they thought it possible Hagler had passed away from COVID, how do you think it would be reported?