Gaetz: “The US Government May Be One of the Biggest Human Traffickers in the World”

On Wednesday Representative Matt Gaetz appeared on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” and discussed the crisis at the border. He said,

Joe Biden’s policies are open arms to illegal immigration.

I have intelligence from Northern Triangle countries that these cartels and waves of illegal immigrants aren’t just being fueled by the organized crime in that part of the world. They’re also being funded by U.S. taxpayers. That’s right, US taxpayer money flows through the State Department, through USAID, and that money is ending up in the hands of NGOs that are advertising for and facilitating the caravans of movement of people into our Country. It’s sad to admit it, but the US Government may be one of the biggest human traffickers in the world because even after we get these folks, the policies of Joe Biden have us just sending them all around the country under a catch and release policy that Donald Trump had reversed with great success.

Watch Gaetz below:

View footage of Gaetz visit to the border and notice the children.