Election Information—How Do You Know What Is True?

As the days tick by, the tension in the nation continues to be felt everywhere. People monitor the news hoping for clues. They are anxious to know what the end result of the November 3rd, 2020 election will be.

Listening to the media is like a roller coaster ride minus the thrill. Even the “ups” feel like downs because no one knows what’s coming next. The “facts” seem to change depending on the network, and even they frequently change their own tune. No one knows what to believe. This adds to the anxiety and outrage people already feel.

Adding to this confusion is the unclarity about what the laws really are. Pundits, posing as experts, share their opinions whether or not they understand the process. In some cases, court rulings further confuse issues because cases can be tossed because of a technicality that was never the basis of the court filing.

Information warfare is at an all-time high. People are controlled by the narratives they embrace. What happens if that narrative is shaped by lies? Political pressure from every side and in every shape creates conflicts of interest.

Great American Rebirth has positioned itself to cut through this noise. We want the truth. We believe people have a right to know the facts. We believe elections should be honest, fair, and free. Nothing should decide the winner of an election except the legal votes of American citizens.

At GAR we look at the evidence. We follow the data. We have experts that understand the laws and procedures. We provide both technical documents and easy-to-understand reports. Our goal is to uncover the truth and let you know what that is.

It is time for Americans of every party to unite. Our ability to have differing views will no longer exist if we don’t join forces around our shared value of honest, free, and fair elections.