Dear Patriot, You Can Do This!

by gar-hl

The above date will be forever engraved in American history as the day the soul of our nation was betrayed by the very people entrusted to protect it. In a way, it’s a painful picture. The fallout of the events of that day were culminated today as President Donald J. Trump left the White House. The MAGA movement is in shock, pain … and worried.

But I need you to take another look at that picture…look beyond the date. What do you see? Tens of thousands of Patriots! Beneath the red hats and waving flags are men and women of every color, background, and creed united in an outcry to stop their votes from being stolen. These brave Patriots took a peaceful stand for truth, while millions more backed them at home.

Millions. At least 75-100 million Americans voted for President Trump. We don’t know the exact number, but we do know there are a whole lot of us. In the last year I’ve been privileged to meet so many! A Bernie supporter who turned MAGA, a woman who escaped communism, brand-new #WalkAways. I watched men–real men (you know, the semi-toxic kind) –stare danger in the face and do the right thing anyway. These are the people who make up our movement.

I’m not going to lie to you, we lost a huge battle today. Losing doesn’t feel good and losing to what appears to be your enemy is downright terrifying. The wide range of emotions I’m hearing from people is totally understandable. We have every reason to be concerned. Things could get really ugly.

We were not even an hour into the afternoon when the news started rolling in. Bad news for us. Sanctions on good people. Executive orders that hurt our country and kill our jobs. Evil, prepped and ready to pounce.

You get that gut punch when you see the headline. Fear starts whispering in your ear with increasing volume, “We aren’t even into the first full day and they are doing this? What are the next four years gonna be like? Will voting ever be worth it again??!”

Make no mistake–they know how this works. Their power lies in immobilizing you with fear. It’s a bully tactic. It’s effective–but how effective lies in our complicity. Bullies are bullies because they feel impotent. They know they are lacking and scaring others makes them feel powerful. It also weakens their prey.

But we do not have to be complicit.

What they do is only part of the picture. What we do is far more important.

Loss and disappointment are familiar companions of mine. I know what it is like to be brutally betrayed, have my life ripped apart, and stand alone in the rain with no umbrella. It’s the kind of stuff that screws you up and later racks up pricey therapist bills. There was a ten-year period where I couldn’t genuinely laugh. I was certifiably depressed and anxious. And then, more trouble rolled in.

Looking back, I realize that the fear and depression I experienced were far more damaging and painful than the actual things I experienced. Walking through hell and coming out the other side intact can make you absolutely courageous. When you have looked into the abyss and survived, you know you can do it again.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems MAGA faces is we don’t know how to fight. Let’s face it–many of our lives have been relatively comfortable. That’s how we got to where we are. Learning to fight and stand for freedom,  will need to be learned. But you won’t be alone.

President Trump brought us together. We must tighten the bond that has been growing the last four years and expand on it. We have so much to work with. Always remember, they need us far more than we need them. Us, united and standing for freedom, is their biggest threat. And we can do that.

There will be casualties–there always is in war. But we will learn resilience and we will be stronger for it.

God has not abandoned us. I believed His will was for President Trump to be our President for another four years. I didn’t believe he would be leaving the White House today. But he did. I was not wrong, however, to put my faith in God. No matter what happens, He won’t forsake His children. That I can say with complete confidence. I also expect Him to come through in some surprising ways in the days ahead. His grace is brightest in the darkness.

Where do we go from here?

  • Stay connected. We will figure it out together. Our movement is massive. I could list dozens of people and organizations that are digging in to the fight, not leaving the battlefield. Do not underestimate the power of connection with other like-minded people. You can join our Patriot Chat on Telegram @GreatAMRebirth and connect with other Patriots there. Check out our ever-growing Patriot Directory.
  • Take time to grieve. I know I will. Emotions properly processed are extremely useful tools down the road.
  • Channel your anger into usefulness. As I briefly scrolled Facebook today I saw my that my RINO Senator, who has repeatedly betrayed us, had posted his masked selfie at the event today. Anger rushed through me. In an instant it subsided enough to be profitably channeled. I picked up my phone and messaged his primary challenger. We strategized right then and there.
  • Be prepared for your lows–and you will have them. I know this post sounds like I know what I’m talking about, but I’m learning right with you. Not long ago I bottomed out. More than once, actually. I confided in a trusted friend. Other times I have blasted music so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. Do what you need to do–but DO NOT get online and spread your fear porn. That damages our mission and we must stay focused.
  • Tune out negative news. The mainstream media is one of their most effective propaganda tools. Don’t listen to it. Find investigative journalists that give you truth. Even then, pace yourself. There will be a lot of bad news in the coming days and focusing on it will not be helpful. If they can successfully demoralize you, they will have one. There is a psychological and spiritual war being waged.  Walk away from conversations that are committed to fear-mongering. Feed hope and courage.
  • Love, enjoy, and care for the people in your life. They are what is most valuable. Teach your children to be God-fearing Patriots. We need a generation of warriors that stand for truth.
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