Connected to Internet…More Proof

By Patrick Colbeck

Georgia election officials had denied that their election equipment was connected to the internet. The truth? Not only were they connected. They were vulnerable. In fact, it took a “White Hat” hack to demonstrate they were vulnerable in the wake of assurances from former CISA Director Krebbs and the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee that this was the “most secure election in American history“.

Michigan election officials have also denied that their election equipment was connected to the internet. I personally witnessed evidence to the contrary in Wayne County. Others witnessed evidence to the contrary in Antrim County.

Why did it take a “White Hat” hacker to demonstrate the vulnerability of our voting systems? Simply put, access to the electronic data has been denied. White hat hacking was the only option left in the eyes of many pursuing the truth. In fact, Antrim County was the ONLY jurisdiction in America to the best of my knowledge for which access to the electronic data regarding the election has been granted. Even then, the subsequent report was redacted at the request of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s administration. I have been told that the redacted portion of the report provided unequivocal evidence that several of the statements under oath by Dominion CEO John Poulos before a Michigan Senate Oversight committee were demonstrably false.

The fundamental question regarding election integrity, particularly the chain of custody pertaining to vote tally information, is this.

Why is access to the electronic election data being denied if there is nothing to hide?

There are literally thousands of affidavits attesting to election fraud across the country including the following personal observations that I made at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night.

Why aren’t prosecutors, Attorneys General, and the alphabet soup of federal agencies in charge of enforcing our laws pursuing subpoenas for this information?

Why wouldn’t this information being made public?

It should be noted that, in Michigan, the state legislature did issue a subpoena for the City of Detroit that included a request for electronic election information on December 15. What deadline did they give for the receipt of this information? It is due on January 12, 2021 which is conveniently AFTER the critical January 6, 2021 Electoral College Joint Session in DC.

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