BOOM: NY Times’ Real-Time Election Data Seems to Confirm Massive Georgia Vote Fraud, Eerily Similar to Pennsylvania’s


For the startling, and eerily similar, analysis of apparent Pennsylvania vote manipulation, please see this post.

I’ve retrieved all of The New York Times’ 2020 presidential datasets, which have a time-series of voting data from a company called Edison Research. Here, for instance, is Georgia’s.

What I found is pretty fascinating, especially because it mimics exactly what happened in Pennsylvania.

As just one example, here is a graph depicting the shifts in votes starting on election day. The X-axis is the date/time and the Y-axis represents the change in votes (positive values denote shifts for Trump, negative values represent shifts for Biden, in hundreds).

May I call your attention to the differences between the left and the right sides of the graph?

Please note that after about 0100 hours on 11/4/20 Zulu, virtually all vote swings went for Biden.

But you need to see the data. Below is a spreadsheet with the time-series.

Trump’s running vote count is in column C, and Biden’s is in column D. The change in Trump’s vote total from the prior count is in column E and Biden’s is in column F. Lastly, column G shows the difference in vote swings between columns E and F.
Do me a favor and click on the spreadsheet below. Then scroll down until you start seeing highlighted cells. Then continue to scroll and tell me if that looks legit.

You’ll notice that after the 11/4/20 01:00Z cutoff time, only swings of Biden votes (in multiples of almost exactly 4,8000 at a time) seem to have been received.

Statistically, these changes make no sense. They’re not just improbable, they are statistically impossible.

It looks to me like bundles of around 4,800 votes (in PA, it appears to be bundles of 6,000 votes) were used to slowly overcome any Trump lead. The correlation is uncanny.

I have a sneaking suspicion that all of the highlighted cells represent vote fraud.

I’ll have more info from other states — that show similar bizarre trends — shortly.

In the mean time, your thoughts are appreciated.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.