Arizona Election Integrity

Election Fraud in Arizona
Court cases, witness testimony, statistical improbabilities, media reports, and hearings paint a picture of rampant fraud and illegal voting behavior in AZ in the 2020 election. The table below summarizes those concerns and is compiled from those sources.

We will explain the above in detail here:

Mail-in ballots that needed to be checked for legitimacy:

These ballots were unreadable by the scanners, which required them to be manually looked-at by election workers, where the election workers chose which votes should votes should be on each ballot.

Number of illegal aliens who voted:

People that aren’t legal citizens of our Country should not be voting in our elections. It is against the law, in fact.

Completed mail-in ballots received day before they were mailed:

You read that right. These mail-in ballots were supposedly received the day BEFORE they were mailed. This is impossible unless they are fraudulent.

Voters registered to an address that is a vacant lot:

These ‘registered voters’ have fake registrations; again, fraudulent.

Maricopa County ballots electronically checked with no Republican observer present:

At least one county, Maricopa, allowed their ballots to be adjudicated with no Republican observer present. This is against the law.

Votes loaded on machines before polls opened:

These votes were already loaded onto the computers as having been cast, before the polls had even opened. These are clearly fraudulent.

What does this mean?

The margin of victory here was 10,457 votes. That means that Biden allegedly got 10,457 votes more than Trump.

The margin of error, as shown above, is 660,892 votes, which is FAR MORE than the margin of victory of 10,457. Therefore, the results are not at all trustworthy and a manual hand recount MUST be performed counting only real legal ballots from real and legal citizens of those areas.

It is bad enough that there were ~660,892 fraudulent votes, but it is an abomination that these fraudulent votes would be able to affect the outcome of an election. We MUST AUDIT EVERY LEGAL VOTE. We owe that to every Citizen of this Country.